What is Life Coaching?


Everybody faces challenges, but difficulties in life create opportunities for growth. We cannot always see these opportunities while we are in the midst of a difficult life situation. A life coach can help you focus your energy to see beyond the challenges, accept them, and construct a life that takes you past them.

Everyone experiences moments in their life where they lose a connection to meaning and purpose. Your work with a life coach can help guide you to a place where you feel that what you are doing each day brings you to a life that is meaningful, worthwhile and engaging, even as the challenges keep coming.

My goal is to help you become the person you want to be, and create the life that works for you.
I don’t believe there is one set formula that works for everyone. Each person has to discover their own style and rhythm, and do what works best for them.

As your life coach I will:

  • Offer an open space for new perspectives.
  • Help you uncover patterns that no longer serve you, and are blocking you from your highest potential.
  • Provide acceptance, support, encouragement, and honesty.
  • Offer an ability to see the bigger picture, and tools for doing so.
  • Give you a safe place to grow and express yourself, at a pace that works for you.
  • Engage in a process which allows you to leave behind an old way of being, and embrace a new life.
  • Listen to you… then tap into your needs and desires, and work from there.
  • Be present with you.
  • Be an unconditional companion, and walk with you through the uncertainty, challenges, and difficulties which you are facing in life.


"What you experience in life shapes and molds you, but who you become is left for you to create."
~ Della Wilbers


New Path Life Coaching from Della Wilbers can help you find your path and reach your goals.