About Della


Della Wilbers

I am often asked by my clients how I became the person that I am today. The short answer is that all of my life experiences have led me to become the person I am right now.

As a child, I was dealt a hefty share of challenges and life altering circumstances which ultimately shaped who I am today. Having no one to turn to during the most difficult times of my life, I felt all alone. I believed that no one else was experiencing what I was going through at the time, nor could anyone understand. I turned inward because it was the only avenue left to take.

The one thought that got me through my darkest moments was that someone else had felt this way before. This thought allowed me to connect to others on a level that could only be felt from within. I never really discussed this with anyone, however it gave me inner security to know that I was not alone at all, nor had I ever been.

This knowledge that we are all connected to one another provided a great awakening for me. It got me in touch with my intuition, and I found that when I listened to the guidance my intuition gave me, my life became more meaningful. I did my best to learn more about myself through my experiences, especially the difficult ones. I would ask myself, “What am I supposed to learn from this experience?” Answers didn’t always come right away, but they came to me when I was ready to hear and accept them. As a result, I began to understand that what I needed, I already had within me; it just needed to be developed, so I could heal those parts of myself that suppressed my true nature. Acceptance of my true nature helped me transcend the fears that were stifling my own innate gifts and talents. Facing my fears helped me discover my own optimal path for developing my gifts and potential.

My curiosity extended to others and I began to ask myself, “What am I supposed to learn from this relationship or encounter with others?” Once I allowed an opening for the lessons to reveal themselves to me, I could see the potential in others with great clarity. I could see their innate gifts and what they had to offer. It became apparent to me that helping others accept their true nature and develop their intuition was where I could best serve. My goal is to provide a space for grace to move into your life and guide you toward your highest potential.

"Della Wilbers is a gentle, insightful, and supportive coach who understands that life's difficulties reveal who you are and ultimately shape who you can be. She knows that living out your destiny can be a long and challenging process, and that there are times when you need someone to take the walk alongside you. Della will not only do that, but climb right inside your perspective to add her wisdom to your experience of life. In a word, she understands. She understands your highest potential, your desire to realize it, the obstacles before you, and the way past those obstacles. With her as a coach, you'll gain the capacity to see more in yourself than you ever thought possible."

~Martha Beck, author of "Finding Your Own North Star," and monthly columnist in "O: Oprah's Magazine"

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."
~ Albert Einstein