A Simple Act of Kindness

Just recently, I walked into a Starbucks on a cold morning to purchase a warm drink. I placed my order at the counter and was reaching in my wallet to get the money, when a gentleman standing next to me said, “I’m paying for her drink.” I glanced over and saw there was a line forming behind each of us, and I didn’t know this gentleman, so I assumed he couldn’t be talking about me. I handed my money to the cashier and he said, “he’s paying for your drink.” This was completely unexpected and I was curiously surprised, so I uttered the first words which came to mind. I looked at this man and said, “Why do you want to pay for my drink?” He responded with, “I just want you to have a wonderful day.” I told him how grateful I was, and that his generous act of kindness was such a nice surprise.

We moved over to wait for our drinks to be prepared. I told him that a few days earlier, I purchased two items at a retail store, and as I was walking out of the store, I looked at my receipt and realized that I was only charged for one item. I went back to the same cashier and told her I was not charged for one of the items. She was surprised that I would come back, and said that something good was going to happen to me. I told this gentleman that he was the good thing that happened to me.

He went on to share with me the real reason I’m writing this. He said that the previous week, he was in line behind a woman in this same Starbucks when she said, “I’m paying for his drink.” He said he was as surprised and grateful as I was, so he asked her what he could do to repay her. She said “just buy someone else a drink one day.” He then told me that I was the one he had chosen to buy a drink for.

He got his drink, and again, wished me a wonderful day. I did have a wonderful day, and it spilled into the next day, and the next.

This nameless, faceless woman that I have never met, connected with me through this kind gentleman, and made a difference in two lives… with just one simple act of kindness.